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The trail and the motorbike suspension setup

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The trail and the motorbike suspension setup

Editore: Sandit

Prezzo: 14.50 Eur

Anno: 2016
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 128
Genere: Meccanica auto
EAN: 9788869280023
ISBN: 978-8-86-928002-3


The technical field of motorcycle racing and therefore also that of their geometry and suspension, is a field substantially free of bibliography: builders and technicians due to the high competition, tend to not disclose their knowledge. The element of novelty of the book consists of the analysis of the predominant elements on the dynamic behavior of a motorcycle and in particular the trail and suspensions, illustrating the factors that affect the handling and stability of a two-wheeled vehicle. The book does not want to be a purely scientific treatise and the use of simple language makes it accessible to a wide audience, while providing some supports (sometimes conception staff) as summary tables, adjusting for the optimization of the suspension setup, and while giving the scientific insights to the most curious readers. Finally it gives the opportunity to access a computer application that allows you to calculate the value of the trial and of the characteristic. Excellent guide for mechanical preparatory and riders that make the hobby a craze, as happened to me.

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